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March 3, 2020

Your Vote is Your Voice

Today is Super Tuesday, the first big day of the year for the presidential primary race. Voters in fourteen states and the U.S. territory of American Samoa get to decide who they want to represent their political party during the 2020 presidential election. Many different kinds of people, living in places all across America, are casting ballots to help determine the direction of the nation.

If you’re eligible to vote on Super Tuesday, we hope that you will be among them. At Earnin we believe that every voice in a community matters, and that people shouldn’t be afraid to let themselves be heard. To rethink how things should work and build a fairer system, though, you need to be an active participant. Voting is the most direct way you can engage with the U.S. political system, short of running for office yourself.

Massive shifts in how the world works ultimately stem from the actions of individuals. If voting doesn’t feel like enough or you’re unable to vote for some reason, you can also volunteer for a candidate you like, call your representatives about issues that matter to you, or get involved with your local government. Any way you can, use your voice to advocate for the change you want to see.

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