January 13, 2021

People of EarnIn: Mailani Hernandez

Originally going to school for Business Administration, Mailani discovered a love for pet grooming. Having a dog and two cats herself, she was always an animal lover. Follow along on her journey as she lets us in on her life goals of eventually running her own business and how EarnIn is helping her do that!

“I invested a lot of time into going to school, but after COVID hit, I started doing school online. I had a lot more time to focus on myself and really think, “Do I want to go into the corporate world and do the whole, dress all nice, do the computer type work” - which was fun, but it didn’t make me happy. But I was already so close to the end of graduating, that I just fulfilled it.

I had been in the pet grooming scene for a little bit to get myself through school, and with that, I actually found something that I love to do - and I can make good money doing it! So I went into the grooming field, and I’m actually working two jobs; at a private pet groomer and PetSmart. With PetSmart, they offer schooling too, so that's something that's free of charge. I just have to give them a two year commitment. That's why I gave myself a five-year goal.

I get all those resources, all that knowledge, and on top of it, I get to see the money that I make in the company. I know what I can make potentially once I build my clientele, and I'm a business girl, so I know that's something that will come to me easily. My main goal is hopefully to start my own little business. I'm giving myself a good five years to get this going, putting money away, and just starting it off.

When I first got EarnIn, I was a cashier at the 99 Cents Store. You don't get a lot of hours working in retail. I would get paid and then be broke after the first two days. I didn't know what to do because yes, I paid my bills, but I still needed living money. And that's not even talking about all the bills I would push back. So I was on my phone and I came across EarnIn, and I thought it was too good to be true. But I went through the whole process, started earning my money, and I've grown with you guys through the whole process.

Now, even though I might have two jobs, it still helps me to this day. I might be making more, but I still have more payments. I ended up getting a new car two years ago, so that introduced a new payment into my budget. My student loans are going to be coming up in December, so that's another one I have at the moment. Altogether I have a pretty wealthy amount of adult bills, the basics that I believe anybody has. EarnIn’s what makes me financially stable, because it's my in-between money that gets me by for those little moments.”

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