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March 10, 2021

People of EarnIn: Kim Crook

Ever since she was a little girl, Kim has enjoyed helping people. Whether it’s taking care of her son, gathering data for her work, or simply helping a stranger with their resume, Kim is always ready and willing to help out. Read her story:

“I moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis when I was 21, and I'll be 42 this month. I’m pretty much a peach now. What I do now is actually an impact that I'm really proud of.

Healthcare used to be something that, if you were more injured or more sick, people got paid. Everything has changed now so they have to prove what they're doing.

I'm an IT analyst so I do population health analytics for the local hospital here in Emory. The reports that I do at work actually help prove that the doctors are healing people rather than just sending them in for surgeries. Right now, it's more on the reporting side so we pull data and strip names off.

Based on the data that I'm pulling, I can tell by demographic, what the future of population health is looking like. We can take a zip code and see how many of these people have heart problems. Some of the hospitals have been able to find food deserts. We can find other things that help people beyond healthcare. It’s like a community thing. I always tell people I'm more like an activist. I'm actually an activist for my community.

I like helping people. I like the job that I do and I like helping people outside of my job. It’s just the idea that maybe I can make your life a little bit easier.”

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