October 15, 2020

People of EarnIn: Ginger Healey

Like many of our community members, Ginger is a major support system for her family. Even while working her job and taking care of her kids, she still finds time to volunteer as a certified recovery coach to give back. Read more about her story:

“My goal right now is to buy a new home. I have four children, ranging 11 to 28. My two older ones are 28 and 24, and my two younger ones are 13 and 11. My husband has two kids, so we have six all together and we have three grandkids, all local. My daughter is less than a half a mile away and our other son is right next door. My mother also lives just half a mile away from me so our family is extremely close. If we ever want to do something fun, it's usually a hotel. My grandson loves the hotel now because he enjoys the pool.

I came close to losing my family back when I was using and I was super lucky that it didn't happen. I hold that really close because I see so many that do lose their family and lose their kids and don't ever see them again. I took classes to become a certified recovery coach so now I volunteer to work with addicts and help them get back on the right path. I'm actually in recovery myself. I was an addict, and I guess you could say I'm still an addict, but I've been in recovery for seven years so I thought it was time to give back.

In the winter, when things were slow for my husband at work and I was working full time, I came across EarnIn. I liked that it protected me from taking too much, that was the best part. We needed it for groceries, gas in my car, and other basic household stuff that we just didn’t have the money for. It saved us a lot.”

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