We Stand in Solidarity

This weekend a shift in our national consciousness occurred when uprisings arose in cities across the US calling for an end to systemic injustice and racial disparity. The fight for anti-racist justice is inextricably linked to Earnin’s origins and the stories of our Community Members.

Many of our community members face multi-layered systems of oppression every day — socio-economic status, race, ability, sexuality, gender, age, to name only a few. Unfortunately, the system was created in a way that gives certain members an upper hand, and in turn, has led to profound inequalities and suffering. When the frustrations from injustice and inequality remain ignored, they will boil up.

It’s understandable to feel anger, sorrow, or helplessness at this time. Let’s channel those feelings to make meaningful change. Activism comes in many forms: protests, civic engagement, meeting with elected officials, voting, financial contributions, volunteering, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace, and building products that bridge the divide between the haves and have-nots in this country.

At our core, Earnin is about inspiring goodness and fairness in the products we create. Our radical business model of pay-what-you-think-is-fair was specifically designed so that people who have been historically left out of the decision-making process for their financial tools, can make key decisions for themselves.

We will continue to stay focused on creating systemic change throughout our product and community. We will continue to provide local support through our Helpin groups and encourage large-scale change by mobilizing our powerful community in the upcoming election season.

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