Fireside Chat: Max Baucus

Back in September of 2020, our Community Strategist, Katie Austin, sat down with Max Baucus for a Fireside Chat. Baucus has a wealth of experience in politics, serving as the former chair of the Senate Finance Committee, former Obama-appointed Ambassador to China, and former US Senator representing Montana. Listen to his thoughts on Earnin and it’s unique pay-what-you-think-is-fair business model:

“When I first heard about [Earnin], I was kind of surprised and almost confused. But I looked into it, it was explained to me, and I thought it was terrific because it really helps wage-earners, the people living paycheck to paycheck. It’s a good deal because it enables me, as a person, to manage and have more control over my earnings, and I don't have to wait. Sometimes, I can't wait because my rent check is due now, not two weeks from now. And so I thought that made a lot of good sense and it helps a lot of people who really need a little bit of a break. It gives people a sense of self-respect.

Earnin listens to wage-earners. I like that Earnin is setting up a process where I, as a consumer, can have easy access to my earnings. I get my money when I want. This is mine, it's not theirs. It's mine so I should have it so I can pay the bills. It's very simple to me. Frankly, among the various products I've seen in this area and other areas, I cannot think of another that gives the consumer more choice. Consumers want to choose for themselves. Whether you want a tip, that's a choice. How much to tip, that's another choice. With every other product, there ain't no choice. You've got to pay what they charge.”

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