September 13, 2023

15 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

No matter how mindful you are about spending habits, sometimes a biweekly paycheck can only take you so far. As bills pile up and inflation rates climb, more people are picking up side hustles to supplement their full-time pay.

Although gig work can't replace a steady income stream, it's a great way to boost savings. Plus, the growth of the gig economy has generated plenty of exciting ways to earn—even in the comfort of your pajamas. Follow our guide to discover ways to make extra money and maximize your monthly earnings.

What’s a side hustle, and why get one?

Unlike full-time or part-time jobs, side hustles are flexible income opportunities for people who need extra money or are just looking for some financial cushion but already have a regular job. Companies like Uber and DoorDash offer independent contractor jobs that aren’t constrained by typical 9-to-5 working hours, giving workers greater freedom to customize their schedules.

Most people use side hustles to supplement their income to cover daily expenses, debt payments, or savings goals. But there are many other benefits to joining the gig economy.

For one, side hustles have flexible hours, so you can easily adjust your schedule for an optimal work-life balance. There are also all kinds of side jobs suited to anyone's preferences, time constraints, and talents.

Entrepreneurs also use side hustles to explore business ideas and transform their passions into profitable side ventures. What starts as a side hustle might even open the door to a new career.

How to make extra money: 15 side hustle ideas

The best way to make extra money depends on your interests, skills, and schedule. For the best odds of success, focus on side hustles that sound exciting and fit your lifestyle and work habits.

1. Rideshare driver

Uber and Lyft revolutionized how we get around and created an iconic gig job ecosystem in the process. As long as you have a car and an account with a rideshare app, you're ready to start picking up passengers (and extra money) whenever you want. Add a few rideshare trips while running errands to get a nice discount on your groceries.

2. Car-sharing

Car-sharing is similar to ride-sharing—except you aren't in the driver's seat. With apps like ZipCar or Turo, you'll earn money from people who reserve your vehicle for vacations, business travel, or road trips, similar to a car rental service like Hertz. Simply clean, inspect, and fill up on gas between rentals as the passive income rolls into your account.

3. Delivery driver

From packages and pizzas to groceries and gadgets, there's no end to the items people order to their doorsteps. As customers expect increasingly speedy home delivery, big companies continue to hire delivery drivers. Check out Instacart, Amazon Flex, and Postmates for opportunities.

4. Petsitter or walker

Make money (and enjoy complimentary cuddle sessions) by caring for dogs or cats on pet boarding platforms, like Wag! and Rover. Both apps connect you to pet owners who pay for quick check-ins or overnight stays with their furry friends. And don't worry if you're living in cramped quarters or a busy city; there are plenty of opportunities to earn money walking dogs too.

5. Sell arts and crafts

If you have an artistic flair, consider selling handmade products at nearby craft fairs or online shops. Thanks to sites like Etsy and Shopify, listing and shipping artsy items to a global audience has never been easier. Even if you aren't artistically inclined, there are non-crafty methods to make money with this side hustle, like selling digital downloads, art supplies, or clothing.

6. Create online courses or tutor

With the internet, the world is an electronic classroom. If you have proficiency in any field, set up courses on sites like Teachable or tutor interested students online. Whether it’s language learning, math, computer engineering, or playing the piano, there's no limit to the paid virtual tutoring opportunities out there.

7. Freelance social media management

Already addicted to TikTok and Instagram? Why not make money using your social media savvy by managing an influencer's accounts? Anyone skilled in marketing, graphic design, or communications already has a solid foundation for tracking trends and harnessing the power of internet hype. If you can't find manager opportunities directly through brands or creators, start by visiting freelancing sites, like Upwork and Fiverr, to break into this industry.

8. Rent on homestay sites

Got room to spare in your home? Consider turning that otherwise empty space into a revenue-generating asset by listing it on homestay sites, like Vrbo or Airbnb. Research rents on popular homeshare apps in your area to get a feel for your earning potential.

9. Writing and blogging

As Bill Gates prophesied, "content is king" on the internet, which is excellent news for anyone interested in writing, proofreading, and editing. Search through freelancer websites like Fiverr or UpWork to start building a writing portfolio and making money from clients. Alternatively, create a blog and release regular content to earn from ads and affiliate marketing. Whatever your niche, there's a way to monetize writing about it.

10. Try vlogging or streaming

If you aren't camera shy, create an account on video-sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch to post tutorials, vlogs, or live streams on the topics you love. As with blogging, patience is a must as your audience grows, but eventually, it's possible to make money from ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships as you get bigger.

11. Personal trainer

Stay fit (physically and financially) with a personal trainer side business. Although we can’t promise you won’t break a sweat, this is a fantastic opportunity for fitness fanatics and adrenaline junkies to shine. Plus, you can’t put a price on the satisfaction of helping clients achieve their health goals.

12. Sell at local farmers markets

Gardeners can make extra green by selling flowers, vegetables, or fruits at local farmers markets. If you’re short on garden space, farmers’ markets have plenty of room for homemade goods, like baked goods, jams, and even beauty products, so get creative with your offerings. Find farmers market websites or Facebook pages to connect with the community, advertise, and claim a stand.

13. Sign up for "get-paid-to" websites

"Get-paid-to" sites like SurveyJunkie, UserTesting, and Swagbucks won't make anyone rich, but they provide legitimate opportunities for making money from home. Once you've logged in, complete tasks, like watching videos, taking online surveys, or playing games, to rack up points for gift cards or money. Get-paid-to sites aren't the most lucrative opportunity, but they're a simple way to get some spare change for small expenses.

14. Download cashback apps

Cashback apps like Fetch and Rakuten are the most passive ways to put change in your pocket. Scan receipts after every purchase or shop online through these apps, and you'll start earning money through the purchases you’re already making. Like get-paid-to sites, cashback apps won't generate a ton of income, but they are a simple way to make money online.

15. DJ

Get your party on while pumping up your weekly pay. If you love creating a fun atmosphere with music, DJing at local bars or celebrations (e.g. weddings, birthdays, and corporate hangouts) may be the most fun way for you to make some side money. Get acquainted with the latest DJ software and equipment, test a few demo mixes, and build a reputation to make bank at parties.

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Disclaimer: Please note, the material collected in this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as or construed as advice regarding any specific circumstances. Nor is it an endorsement of any organization or services.

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