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$32 million

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EarnIn has abolished $32 million in debt, and counting, in the communities we serve. Because we believe everyone deserves to live a life unburdened from debt.

The average American carries $104,215 in debt*

Debt is the biggest barrier to financial freedom, forcing too many people to make difficult trade-offs between today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.

* Source: Business Insider ↗︎

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Our mission is to make financial momentum accessible to all

While it starts with same-day pay, we know you can only go so far when debt is holding you back. That’s why EarnIn is committed to helping alleviate the burden by giving back.

Our partners

In 2024, EarnIn partnered with ForgiveCo to relieve $10 million in credit card, auto loan, and consumer debt for the community of Atlanta.


In 2023, EarnIn partnered with RIP Medical to relieve $22 million in medical debt for the communities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

Let's talk about debt

Real EarnIn customers discuss why debt hurts, and how to unburden ourselves from it.

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