You hereby authorize Evolve Bank & Trust (“Evolve”) to make recurring electronic debits from the deposit account you designate in the Earnin mobile app that is then linked to your Tip Yourself designated deposit account at Evolve (the “Bank Account”) for an amount determined by you in the Earnin mobile app (such amount not to not exceed $500 per Business Day), and, if necessary, to correct erroneous debits and credits. The amount of each debit will be credited to your Bank Account, in accordance with the terms of the agreement governing your Bank Account.

You also authorize and agree that every time you click “withdraw” on the Tip Yourself Withdrawal screen within the Earnin mobile app, you understand that you are authorizing Evolve to debit your Bank Account for the amount determined by you in the Earnin mobile app (not to exceed your Bank Account available funds balance) and to remit such debited amount to the financial institution holding the deposit account designated by you through the Earnin mobile app.

Evolve will transfer funds each Business Day, however, it will only debit funds from the deposit account linked to the Bank Account to the extent it can determine it has a positive balance and that the debit will not cause the balance to be negative. You elect to only receive notice of varying amounts of debits under this authorization if the debit amount deviates from the amounts described above.

You may view your balance in the Bank Account by using the Earnin mobile application. You will also be able to view the amounts to be debited from your Bank Account through the Earnin mobile application.

You understand and agree that this authorization to initiate debit entries to your deposit account and Bank Account will remain in full force and effect until you notify Evolve that you wish to revoke this authorization by emailing You acknowledge that you must notify Evolve at least three (3) business days before the scheduled debit date in order to cancel this authorization. If Evolve does not receive notice at least three business days before the scheduled debit date, Evolve may attempt, in its sole discretion, to cancel the debit transaction. However, Evolve assumes no responsibility for its failure to do so.

You understand and agree that if you revoke this electronic authorization contained on this form, Evolve will close your Bank Account and return the balance in your Bank Account to your linked deposit account, and you will no longer be able to use your Bank Account or Tip Yourself service offered by ActiveHours, Inc. (“Earnin”), as set forth its terms of service. You acknowledge and understand that the withdrawal of your electronic authorization contained herein will not apply to ACH transactions performed before the withdrawal of your authorization becomes effective.