People of Earnin

You Have A Story And We Want To Tell It


1. What are some financial problems you faced before using Earnin?
2. Can you tell us about a time Earnin helped you?


Read below for tips on how to make the best video



Your story can be authentic & genuine: Be funny, serious, or anywhere in between as long as it feels natural.


No logos! Please make sure there are no noticeable brands in your video. 
✔ Wear a solid, plain-colored shirt (Please stay away from white).
✖ Don’t wear a shirt with logos, patterns, or text.

Pronunciation: Remember, we are called Earnin, not Earnin(g). So please don’t pronounce a ‘g’ at the end of Earnin.


Duration: Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds.

Phrases We Like:

✔ Pay what you think is fair
✔ I use the Earnin app for…
✔ Community
✔ Fairness

Phrases To Avoid: *Seriously, we can’t consider your entry if you say:

✖ “Payday Loan”
✖ “Cash advance”
✖ “Get paid early”
✖ “Loan”


Why don’t we use these phrases? Payday loans and cash advances force people to pay high interest rates and fees. We give people access to the money they’ve earned that day while letting them pay what they think is fair.

*Non-SAG, Non-Union Members ONLY

*Must be 18 years or older

*Finalist subject to background check

If you’re selected as one of our featured stories, you will:

  • Be flown out for a two day production in the California Bay Area, all expenses paid
  • Receive $800 per day* ($1,600 total!) with potential bonuses depending on your content’s performance
  • Even if you’re not selected to fly out, you still have a chance to earn $400 off of your submission video

Simply film your testimonial in 30 seconds or less and follow easy upload instructions from the “submit video” button at the top and bottom of this page.

Earnin’s building a new financial system that works for everyday people.

Earnin’s mission is to build a financial system that works for everyone. And the best way to communicate that mission is by showing real community stories.

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Filming Tips & Tricks

Film with your phone held horizontal

Film with your phone held horizontally for optimization. If you have the option to change your camera settings to 4K recording capability… Awesome! Please do so!

Film where there is plenty of light

Film where there is plenty of light. If you’re outside, make sure the sun is behind the camera, or to the left or right of you. Avoid filming directly into the light.

Aim to keep your videos to 30 seconds or less

Please use a selfie stick, tripod or webcam. Keep yourself in the frame with enough headroom and make sure you are in focus.


If you’re not filming yourself, or you have anyone else in your video (even if it’s just their voice) we would need them to request a contributor agreement form from Be sure to specify whose video they’re in!

We're excited to see what you put together!