Helpin’s Success Shows the Power of Conversation

Last week Earnin started a Facebook group called Helpin. With Helpin our intention is to foster a catalog of resources that can help people with financial issues, job loss, access to nutrition, childcare, or anything they may be struggling with because of the coronavirus. The response to it has been incredible. So far we’ve seen the group grow by leaps and bounds every day, and it already has over 6,000 members. In addition to connecting people with help, it’s also showing how powerful conversation can be in times of crisis.

Helpin is filled with people reaching out to lend a hand to one another. Some are sharing resources of all kinds, from virtual field trips to zoos, museums, and national parks that are perfect for parents taking care of their kids, to an emergency assistance program that aids bartenders in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Others are asking for help and receiving replies with links to organizations relevant to their specific location and situation. The group is filled with members who realize that, even though their circumstances feel unique, there are a ton of other people dealing with the same issues who may not know where to turn for assistance.

It’s always hard to get the aid that’s available to the people who need it, and being unable to gather together in-person makes those challenges even more difficult to overcome. Even still, we can’t let the coronavirus stop us from communicating with each other. Exchanging the most reliable and up-to-date information is how we’re going to get through this. If you haven’t already, check out Helpin and become a member. The knowledge you have to share could make someone else’s life a lot easier.

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