Vote: Change Starts With One Person

I didn’t set out to build one of the top finance apps in America. I started by helping one person.

On Tuesday, millions of Americans head to the polls to peacefully elect our leaders. It’s an incredible example of how communities large and small evolve to collaborate and get things done.

Yet many still feel their voice is not heard.

As in everything, money is a strong influence in politics. It’s easy to get frustrated with the direction our country is going and to feel helpless to steer it. Meanwhile, few Americans perfectly align with the major parties and our elected officials often seem to care more about pandering than inspiring real change. It can feel like the deck is stacked against us.

Admittedly, I was frustrated too. I have long said the financial system is broken for those who need help the most. It was in helping one person that I was moved to help another, and another. Motivation is one of the most powerful tools a person has. In business, in life, and in politics, things only get done by those willing to try.

The Earnin community is a unique group of passionate and hard-working Americans who are intrinsically connected. When you fill out a ballot and share your stickers on social media, you’re engaging your entire network. The act of voting is contagious.

We have the ability to mold our shared culture to reflect the values we want for our future society. Participate. Start with a vote for the person or party that most reflects your values. A single vote may seem small, but when a lot of motivated people work together, you can create something very special.

Photo by Jim Stapleton on Unsplash

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