There’s a Money Problem in America

There is a money problem in this country. In fact, the problem is so bad that even when given the technology and tools to fix the problem, people think, “It can’t be done." People have been in a toxic relationship with their companies and financial institutions for so long, they’ve forgotten that the money they’ve earned is theirs — not their employers.

So, when an employer says, “I’m going to pay you in two weeks,” no one stands up and says, “That’s not fair.” And when a bank says, “You spent more money than you have in your account,” people curse the system, but no one stands up to say “I do have money — check my employer’s bank account.”

At Earnin, we believe in creating a future where money works for everyone. That means imagining and building the technology that makes money faster, smarter, and better for people. It means making money and technology do the hard work so our lives can be less stressful and more fulfilling. It means building a society where people work together to support the products that help them and leave behind the products that exploit them.

Our first product is an app that’s giving people lightning fast access to their pay when they want it. We’re liberating over $1 trillion that’s held up every two weeks in the payroll system. The annoying payroll delay is costing people over $50 billion a year in fees; fees designed to punish people for the shortcomings of a system they don’t control. If we’re going to change the system and build a better future, we need to work together.

That’s why we’ve created a product that’s collaborative. Instead of charging fees or interest, we ask our community to support the work we’re doing by paying what’s fair. If we’re going to change the system and build a better future, we need to work together.

Our society is strongest when people cooperate and help each other instead of taking advantage of each other. In order to create a better future, people need to support the products that work for them. If we create products with this in mind, together, we can make money work better for everyone.

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

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