People of Earnin: Tyler Copes

Tyler has a heart for his community. As the creative director for a nonprofit organization, he works to build a better life for kids in his city of Milwaukee. Originally from Brooklyn, read how he found his way to Milwaukee and how Earnin has helped him get to a better financial place:

“I'm from Brooklyn but I moved to Milwaukee like five years ago after Hurricane Sandy hit. There was some organization in New York that gave me the option to move anywhere I wanted and they'd pay all the expenses. It was the first time moving out of my house so I decided to move to Milwaukee. I went to school there and I visited twice. I kind of love this place. So I figured it's far enough to be far, but not too close that I can keep going back and forth.

I was an independent freelancer for like forever. Then, I got my first job at a pizzeria, and I was not a fan of it. So I quit six months in. Then, I applied to my current job and it’s been smooth sailing. And I still have my small business on the side for graphic design.

I’m currently the creative director of a nonprofit in the area. I design the website, the flyers, the business cards, basically anything with visuals, I'm behind it. We’re essentially an intergenerational daycare for children up to the age of whatever. So when people aren't able to take care of their loved ones during the day, they can take them to our program and live a better life rather than sitting at home, doing nothing or burdening someone. It's an amazing place where a lot of magic happens. I had no idea what this place was when I first applied, but then I learned more about it, loved their mission, and I grew to love the place.

I love Earnin. I was just looking up financial apps at the time. I came across Earnin and thought that it sounded too good to be true, but I tried it out anyway. I had nothing to lose and it worked. It helped me out so much, because I was totally in the red. I found out that when you don't pay your bills on time, they charge you more and it's just like a downward slope. So Earnin was like, “All right, we got you” and I was like, “Oh, this is an awesome app.” It’s the money that you've already made. Credit is spending money you don't have, but Earnin isn't because that money is yours.“

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