People of Earnin: Rashad Davis

Rashad is an aspiring actor living in Los Angeles and he’s determined to make his acting dream come true. Even though he’s been through a lot in his 29 years of life, he hasn’t let that stop him from chasing down his goals.

“I am Rashad and I live in Los Angeles but I’m originally from South Florida. I'm 29 and I'm the youngest of three. I love to travel, cook, and even though I’m lactose intolerant, I love to eat ice cream. Ice cream is life. I also just got married last year in October which was great and I went to Thailand for my honeymoon.

My husband and I, we have an open dialogue when it comes to finances. I'm pretty independent when it comes to my own funds. He's highly successful in what he does so he's able to provide a safety net if things go extra south because of his job but I don't live beyond my means or at least I don't try to.

For my bachelor party I bought an Airbnb for me and my friends, but people flaked out which I totally understand, but I needed to cover those costs immediately. Before I went on my honeymoon, I needed to make sure my funds were fine. So Earnin definitely came in the clutch at that point in my life because it was necessary, completely necessary.

I work at a community center teaching kids at an after school program. I teach them sports, theater, tutor, and do a lot with them. But they cut my hours down to just two hours a day and I only worked four days a week. So you can just imagine. It was nothing. I booked some auditions here and there, but they're not big.

My current financial goal is to have over $10,000 in my savings cause I've never even touched that before in my life. It’d be good to have just to have it - but also for my career. I moved here for acting, studied musical theater in college and it's expensive having to pay for auditions and pictures. Also, there were plenty of times when I could have struck when the iron was hot, but I couldn't because I didn't have the funds to. So, I had to miss opportunities because I didn't have anything in my savings, and Earnin didn't exist. Being able to have that financial freedom, it’d be incredible.

It's really hard to save, stay saved and be relevant in this industry, but you just gotta have faith and keep working hard. I’m trying and I’m never going to stop trying.”

Sharing your story with the Earnin community inspires and reminds others that they aren’t alone. We’re all trying to get to a better place financially and it’s more comforting knowing that there are others out there in the same situation. If interested, share your story with us at We’d love to hear from you!

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