People of Earnin: Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine didn’t have a typical childhood. Although she was born in the US, she spent a majority of her life growing up in Germany. At 22, she decided to come back to the United States to start a new chapter of her life. Here’s her story:

“I grew up in Germany and moved to Florida about 14 years ago, when I was around 22. My dad's in the military so I was actually born in the United States. When I was three or four, my dad got stationed back to Germany. That's how I ended up in Germany on the military base. Eventually, my parents separated, and I stayed with my mom while my dad moved back to the States. I would go visit him once a year and then at 22, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I pretty much up and left everything and came out here, and I've been here since.

I honestly haven't been back [to Germany] since [I left] which I regret. I really need to go. I do miss my friends, I miss the culture, I miss the food, and the different scenery. Plus, I feel like I had a different type of freedom there then I would’ve had here. It sounds weird but growing up, I know I had more freedom than I would give my children right now. I'm not going to say I regret leaving, I do love it here. But I'm still open to exploring the world. You never know where I might end up 10 years from now.

I have three kids, one boy and two girls. They definitely keep me busy. I had my son home the first seven or eight weeks when school started because he has asthma so I didn't want to take that risk. But seeing how things went, I felt comfortable with him going back and he's been back for a good month and a half now.

I'm still learning. I'm dealing with a 12 year old boy right now who's transitioning into teenage life so it's really challenging. But at the same time, I try to keep them all leveled. I tell them to be conscious of what they’re doing, what they say to people, have respect for the elderly, have respect for their teachers, their friends, etc. Those are the things that I try to help them with, staying respectful and staying humble. The main thing for me is to stay humble in life because you never know what's going to happen. You never know when you might need somebody.

I started using Earnin two or three years ago. With some apps, you don't want to give them your personal information, but Earnin’s whole layout and the way it operates felt comfortable. Life happens and sometimes you don't budget for certain things. For example, my son had school pictures and I had completely forgotten. It was due on a Wednesday and I didn't get paid till Friday, so it comes in handy for situations like that. I know I can rely on it.”

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