People of Earnin: Eloisa Ayala

For Eloisa, her family is everything. She learned how to be a great caregiver from her mother, who worked hard to provide for Eloisa and her two sisters after their father passed. Here's her story:

“My family is my number one priority. They’re what keeps me going cause I'm always trying to make sure that they're fine and taken care of. My 21 year old son, his wife, and his two kids live with me along with my 17 year old daughter, my mother, and my sister.

I’m from El Salvador and my mom came to America when she was around 30. She brought me here when I was two years old. I'm the middle child so there was my older sister, then me, then my little sister who’s handicapped. When my dad passed away, she had to work two jobs as a single mom to raise us. I learned how to be a go-getter, work hard, and support my family from her.

My family was really looking forward to my mom's birthday because she’s about to turn 80 but we weren’t able to plan anything because of the pandemic. It’s such a big number and it’s very special, so my sisters and I were bummed out we couldn’t do anything special for her. But I love that we still have her, that she’s still alive, and we just want her to hang in there. And when they’re elderly, every day counts. You got to be thankful for every day they’re still around.

I have all these people depending on me so I have to work hard to keep things moving along. As a mother, everyone comes to you for support. That’s where Earnin comes in. It’s been helpful because, before that, I used to go to payday loans and stuff like that, and those are outrageous because they charge you for giving you that money. With Earnin, having flexibility is really helpful nowadays because you're trying to make ends meet and you can just pay whatever you can afford.”

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