How To Support Your Community

This past week a shift in our national consciousness occurred when uprisings arose in cities across the US calling for an end to systemic injustice and racial disparity. The fight for anti-racist justice is inextricably linked to Earnin’s origins and the stories of our Community Members. Many of our Community Members face multi-layered systems of oppression every day—socio-economic status, race, ability, sexuality, gender, age, to name only a few. Unfortunately, the system was created in a way that gives certain members an upper hand, and in turn, has led to profound inequalities and suffering. When the frustrations from injustice and inequality remain ignored, they will boil up. It’s understandable to feel anger, sorrow, or helplessness at this time. Let’s channel those feelings to make meaningful change.

Below, we have created a list of resources you can use to help support the fight for equality and justice.

Vote for the Change You Want to See

Spark Conversation with Friends and Family

Places to Donate:

Petitions to Sign:

Podcasts to Listen to:


  • ENOUGH to 55156
  • JUSTICE to 55156
  • JUSTICE to 66863

Read and Educate Yourself:

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