Community Tool

Today we announced something pretty special on the Earnin web page - a community-inspired tool that lets people access all kinds of information and resources related to the COVID-19 crisis.

It started a few weeks back when we launched a new Facebook group called Helpin, where people could share resources for the challenges they’re facing right now. What we saw happen in the group was amazing - people contributed an astounding number of resources. So our engineering team got inspired and created a tool that categorizes all of those resources, making them easy to search by need and region.

The new tool makes it easy to find and access COVID-19 resources related to finances, job loss, access to nutrition, shelter, renter or homeowner services, elder care and child services, among other categories. The tool is available for free on the Earnin website here.

Disclaimer: Please note, the material collected in this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as or construed as advice regarding any specific circumstances. Nor is it an endorsement of any organization or Services.

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